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Antares Chartering and Shipping, Inc.


As shipbrokers we are uniquely qualified to offer you a wide range of freight and transportation services for your company's shipping and chartering needs.

Antares Chartering and Shipping, Inc., New York, founded in 1978, would be honored to help you with your international transportation needs, as your cargo brokers - charter brokers or as your shipbrokers or owners agents - representatives.

If you are a charterer, we can secure the right type of
bulkcarrier, drycargo, container vessel or tanker for your cargoes.

If you are a shipowner, we can secure the right type of employment for your ships.

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If you are a charterer or a representative/broker/agents/forwarder of cargo interests Click Here  


We are independently owned and operated. We have no affiliation with other companies even if they have a similar name.